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russian-skype-tutor-online-lessonsDo you want to learn Russian language? Our Russian Skype tutors offer private lessons from £10h. Learn Russian with a qualified native Russian teacher online!

Why take Russian lessons by Skype with our online tutor?


  1. University educated online Russian teachers
  2. Native Russian speakers
  3. Experienced online Russian tutors

  1. Free trial and learning materials
  2. Russian Skype lessons from £10 per 60 mins
  3. No charge for cancelled lessons

  1. Any time and place that suit you
  2. Any level
  3. Any tutor (change upon request)

Online Russian Tutors

Online russian teacher Teacher Olga

Russian Teacher; Native Russian: ‘I graduated from the State University of Tomsk (Russia) and received an MA degree in Russian Language and Literature. I received professional training as a teacher of Russian language for foreigners at St-Petersburg State University. I have been teaching Russian as a foreign language for 20+ years and I’ve worked as a Russian Skype tutor for the last 2 years. I’ve also started up a private language school ‘Russian Express’ to provide training for other Russian teachers. Learn the language with a qualified Russian teacher by Skype!’

Online russian tutor NataliiaTutor Nataliia

Russian; English Teacher; Native Russian: ‘I am a committed and fully-qualified teacher, with a degree in Russian and English Linguistics and Teaching. I love my job and have given private lessons for more than six years. I have been working as a Russian teacher online for more than 3 years and will develop your lesson plans based on your specific level and needs. It gives me great joy to help people from different countries solve their linguistic problems! Learn Russian by Skype with me!’

Russian tutor online NastyaTeacher Nastya

Russian; Ukrainian Teacher, Native Russian: ‘I’m an experienced university teacher with PhD in Philology. I’ll be glad to teach you Russian or Ukrainian. These languages are usually considered to be very difficult, but in fact everyone can speak Russian or Ukrainian if they work hard enough. My students of many different nationalities prove it! If you are not a native English speaker, don’t worry. My explanations will be clear and easy even for those who have an elementary level of English. Don’t hesitate—start learning Russian by Skype now!’

Russian skype tutorTutor Nastya

Russian; English Teacher, Native Russian:‘I am a university educated teacher and interpreter. I’ve been teaching languages for 8 years. I am a friendly and experienced Russian tutor online and enjoy giving lessons via Skype. I also provide a wide range of free learning materials. Whatever your goals are I can help you accomplish them. I feel great responsibility for each student’s results and I hope you too will be as successful as my other students!’

Russian teacher by skypeTeacher Julia

Russian; English Teacher, Native Russian: ‘I have an MA in Russian and English linguistics, with more than a decade of tutoring experience. I am an easygoing and openminded person. I love my job and the greatest gratification for me is to watch my students making progress. I provide high quality Russian tuition via Skype and I really believe in the power of languages to improve your life. ‘One language sets you up in life. Two languages open all the doors along the way’. I’ll help you open these doors!’

Russian tutor by Skype CatherineTutor Catherine

Russian Teacher, Native Russian: ‘Hi there! I’m Catherine, a linguist and a teacher with MA degree. I’m a native Russian speaker with a good grounding in language teaching, and I teach Russian as a foreign language online. More than five years of teaching practice has taught me to adapt to each pupil’s individual needs. I have successfully helped students of many different ages and levels, including preparing them for international exams. I use a range of different methods and help learners be positive and motivated. My ambition is for every Russian Skype lesson to bring students closer to their goals!’

Russian lessons by skype AlinaTeacher Alina

Russian Teacher, Native Russian: ‘I’m a linguist and teacher with Master’s degree. Now I’m working on my PhD dissertation in linguistics. I have over three years’ teaching experience, both with children and adults. I work as a Polish and Russian Skype teacher. It’s not only a job for me, it’s part of my life, my hobby, and a true vocation! My students become my friends, which I work hard to encourage them and push them to reach their language learning goals. I always believe that teachers who love teaching will teach students to love learning!’

Russian skype lessons AnastasiiaTutor Anastasiia

Russian Teacher, Native Russian:‘I’m a native Russian teacher with an MA degree in Russian Language and Literature. I’ve been teaching Russian as a foreign language for 5+ years. I have had students from many different countries (Jordan, Nigeria, Ghana, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Greece, Australia, Syria and the USA). My students have helped me not only to look at the Russian language from a different angle but also to explore a wide range of cultures. I would love to invite you to come with me on an exciting journey of learning, and I hope you’ll find my lessons informative and enjoyable! Try out my online Russian classes!’

Learning Russian online with Russian Skype Teachers

To learn Russian via Skype is suitable for everybody: intermediate level students and the beginners. It is a perfect way of study for working people, who cannot find time for individual or group lessons. You can learn Russian on Skype at any time and place, where you can find Internet.
Learn russian skype
The students of Russian Online courses can choose the time, duration and frequency of the lessons which are suitable for them. Apart from that, they can choose a level: for beginners, intermediate, colloquial, business etc.

Russian lessons online are very similar to the individual lessons: the teacher introduces the material, gives the explanations and the assignments. The student, in his turn, listens to the tutor and does the tasks. During the Skype sessions the main focus is on the conversational language.

It is a well-known fact that all organs of perception have to be involved in the learning a foreign language. “Sharing screen” function allows the teacher to demonstrate all necessary visual materials to a student.

The other tool which is actively used during Russian online lessons is a Skype chat. It is used by both a teacher and a student as an interactive board. The student and the teacher exchange the assignments, which can be marked immediately. Also, they can exchange the messages in Russian and correct the pronunciation during the lesson. During Skype lessons of Russian the chat is used as a ‘prompter’, which allows the teacher to correct the mistakes immediately without interrupting the student.

All this opportunities and tools allow to organize and spend full integrated Russian Skype lessons, where the student is learning to speak, understand, read and write in Russian.

Use the opportunity to learn Russian by Skype with experienced online Russian teachers and native speakers!

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