Learn Ukrainian via Skype

Learn Ukrainian via SkypeDo you want to learn to speak Ukrainian language? Learn Ukrainian via Skype with an experienced tutor! Our teachers offer learning Ukrainian online. Take private Skype lessons! Affordable tuition from £10h.

Why learn Ukrainian online with us?

  1. We are a team of professional linguists and qualified native Ukrainian teachers with degrees specialising in individual language tuition.
  2. We offer engaging and enjoyable online Ukrainian classes via Skype. Each lesson is individually created to suit your needs — from beginner to advanced.
  3. We use a variety of proven methods to help you learn Ukrainian quickly and effectively. We will help you access free resources online. All learning materials are provided.

Our Ukrainian Tutors

Ukrainian tutor NastyaTutor Nastya

Russian & Ukrainian Teacher, Native Ukrainian: ‘I’m an experienced university teacher with PhD in Philology. I’ll be glad to teach you Russian or Ukrainian. These languages are usually considered to be very difficult, but in fact everyone can speak Russian or Ukrainian if he has a strong desire. My students of different nationalities prove it! If you are not a native English speaker, don’t worry. My explanations will be clear and easy even for those who have an elementary level of English. So, don’t hesitate and start learning!»

Ukrainian tutor OksanaTutor Oksana

Russian & Ukrainian Teacher, Native Ukrainian: ‘I studied linguistics and teaching at university and have an MA in Philology. I have been teaching for 20+ years and I love my work! I would be happy to help you improve your Russian/Ukrainian language skills and I very much look forward to start! Enjoy my Skype lessons!’

Ukrainian tutor AlinaTutor Alina

Russian & Ukrainian Teacher, Native Ukrainian: ‘I obtained my MA in Linguistics and Teaching (with honours) and now I’m writing my PhD dissertation. I’ve been teaching Polish, Russian and Ukrainian for 3+ years and I consider tutoring to be not only my job and hobby, but also my avocation. I encourage my students to learn the language they need and achieve their goals without any hesitation’

Learning Ukrainian by Skype

Skype is suitable for anybody wanting to learn Ukrainian and a perfect way for working people to study when they don’t have time for individual or group lessons. Learn anytime and anywhere — all you need is the internet.

Students choose the time, length and frequency of lessons — as well the level and style (beginner, intermediate, advanced, colloquial, business, etc).

Ukrainian lessons on Skype are very similar to the individual lessons: the teacher introduces the material, explains it and gives assignments. The student listens to the tutor and then does the tasks. During Skype sessions, the main focus is on conversational language.

It is well-documented that all senses must be involved in learning a foreign language.

Skype’s ‘show screen’ function allows the teacher to show the student all necessary visual materials to a student.

The other tool actively used during online lessons is Skype chat and is used by both teacher and student as an interactive board. They can use it to exchange messages, correct mistakes and document new vocab without interrupting the flow of the class.

All these tools make for hugely effective online Ukrainian lessons, helping the student to become totally proficient in speaking, understanding, reading and writing Ukrainian.

Use the opportunity to learn Ukrainian online with experienced teachers and native speakers!

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