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Do you want to learn German? Learn the language with a fully-qualified teacher online! Our experienced tutors provide online German lessons over Skype. High-quality private lessons are tailored to suit your needs and goals. Get started today!

Prices for German Lessons

We offer online German lessons for very competitive prices. University-educated German teachers provide personalised online language tutoring using Skype.
best prices for online french lessons✔ Normal lessons last a full 60 minutes. High-quality learning materials, homework assignments and homework checking are provided for free.
✔ Bulk discounts. The more lessons you purchase the less is the price per hour.
✔ Best price guarantee. Find a better price offer for online lessons with a fully-qualified teacher and get a discount!
So, learn German online with us!

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Our prices for German lessons by Skype in GBP

1 hour (60 mins)


Price per hour £30

Save £0

Book 1 hour

5 hours


Price per hour £22

Save £40

Book 5 hours

10 hours


Price per hour £18

Save £120

Book 10 hours

15 hours


Price per hour £16

Save £210

Book 15 hours

25 hours


Price per hour £14

Save £400

Book 25 hours

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cheap french lessons1) Installment payments are available! If you would like to book 25 hours, you can purchase them in 2 installments. First you buy 10 lessons for £180 (1st installment) by clicking on ‘Book 10 hours’ above. Kindly put your tutor’s name and ‘1st installment’ in Comments.
After completion of 10 lessons you can book 15 lessons for £170 (2nd installment). The payment can be made via our ‘Payment‘ page. Please type ‘2nd installment’ in Comments. Thus, you book 25 hours for the minimal price of £14 per hour in 2 installments.

2) Get a discount (up to 25%) for small group lessons, i.e. 2 students simultaneously.

3) The first 30mins lesson is free. Book a free trial now!

Skype German Lessons

skype-german-lessonsGerman lessons by Skype are suitable for everybody, including intermediate level students and the beginners.

The most important advantage of studying online is that it is really time-saving, which is so important nowadays for everyone. You can learn German by Skype at any time and from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Also you get all the necessary materials online and you don’t have to buy or search for it.

It’s just like classroom training, but you don’t have to go anywhere. You can do a lesson in the most comfortable conditions – at your home. Also you won’t feel uncomfortable by meeting the teacher at your place, where you may have a tiny mess. Indeed, online training is a perfect way of study for working people, who cannot find time for in-person or group lessons.

Students of our online German courses can choose the time, duration and frequency of lessons which are suitable for them. They can choose the level and objectives that suit them: beginners, intermediate, conversational, business etc.

Here is how it works:

Book a free 30 mins trial lesson

Have your trial at any time and place

Book a package of lessons

Continue your lessons with your tutor

Choose another teacher at any time

German lessons online are very similar to individual lessons: the teacher introduces material, gives explanations and sets assignments. The student, in his turn, listens to the tutor and does the tasks. During the Skype sessions the main focus is on conversational language.

The ‘screen sharing’ function on Skype allows the teacher to demonstrate all necessary visual materials.

Our online German tutors also use Skype chat like a whiteboard to facilitate writing, spellings, and grammatical points. It is also used to set and mark assignments. During online lessons the chat is used as a ‘prompter’, which allows the teacher to correct mistakes immediately without interrupting the student.

By using technology to the full, our online German teachers offer Skype lessons that can be even more effective than classroom lessons, and allow the student to practice all four skills—speaking, understanding, reading, and writing in German—but much more conveniently!

Take this opportunity to learn German online with our experienced Skype teachers!

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Online German Tutors

Best online German tutors here! Our fully-qualified German teachers and expert tutors provide highest-quality online lessons using Skype. Free trial!

Profiles of Our Online German Tutors


German Language, English Language. Teaching experience: 16 years
‘I got my MA Hons in Linguistics in 2002 and qualified to be a German teacher and translator. I have worked as a German lecturer at university for the last 16 years. I’d be glad to give you a helping hand in mastering German. My ambition is for every German Skype lesson to bring students closer to their goals. I will do my best in providing useful and enjoyable online lessons. So, get started today!’


German Language, English Language. Teaching experience: 9 years
‘I obtained my MA in Linguistics with honours in 2009 and qualified to be a German teacher. I have more than 9 years’ experience in teaching German via Skype. I consider myself to be a dedicated linguist and I’m very enthusiastic about the language. My motto is: when you rest, you rust! I’m here to help you improve your skills in German. Study language online with me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy my German Skype lessons!’


German Language, Polish Language. Teaching experience: 8 years
‘I`m a university trained linguist and a teacher with BA degree in German language and literature. I have also been studying International Businesses and Social Sciences in the Rhein-Waal University (Kleve, Germany) for 1.5 yrs. That has given me the opportunity to discover German culture and to improve my language skills significantly. I now offer German language lessons by Skype. By using technology to the full, I offer Skype lessons that can be even more effective than classroom lessons. I am a friendly and experienced German tutor and I love to teach. I also provide a wide range of free learning materials which I create in accordance with the students’ needs and interests.’


German Language, English Language. Teaching experience: 11 years
‘I received my MA degree with honours in Linguistics in 2006 and was qualified to be a German teacher and translator. I also did a one-year language course in Germany (Volkshochschule Koblenz) in 2008. Since I left University I have been teaching German language both to children and adults. I have taught German online for more than a decade. I enjoy teaching process. As I am an energetic and passionate teacher, you will not be bored during our classes. I can adapt teaching materials to your specific learning style, your level and goals. I do my best to make the learning process enjoyable and productive. So, enjoy the friendly atmosphere of my online German classes!’


German Language, English Language. Teaching experience: 9 years
‘Guten Tag! I’m a qualified German teacher (MA Hons). I have been teaching German for the last 9 years. In 2009 I got my German Language Certificate level C1 (Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz). All my students have made good progress. Moreover,  I find it very gratifying to see that I have contributed to someone’s success in language learning. I will help you realise your language goals. Look forward to becoming your German Skype teacher!’ 


German Language, Russian Language. Teaching experience: 10 years
‘I got my MSc in International Economics in 2006. I studied in Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and lived in Germany for a year.  In 2005 I successfully completed  German course at Goethe Institut and received my Goethe-Zertifikat (C1 level). I have been tutoring for the last 10 years. All your needs and interests will be considered. I always try to be up to date with the latest and most effective language teaching methods. I offer private Skype lessons at all levels (A1-C1). Generally speaking, I get on well with people of all ages. Learn German by Skype with me.’


German Language, English Language. Teaching experience: 6 years
‘I got my MA in Linguistics (German Language and Literature) in 2013 and qualified to be a German teacher. I also got my Goethe-Zertifikat (C1 level) 6 years ago. Since then I’ve been teaching German both online and in person. I really enjoy working as a tutor. I encourage my students to speak German even if they’re absolute beginners! So, join my online class!


So, take an opportunity to learn the language with one of our online German tutors!

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