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Profiles of Our Online French Language Tutors


French Language. Teaching experience: 9 years
‘I am a qualified linguist and tour guide (MA degree in teaching French, certificate in tourism). I spent 6 months in France. There I worked as a PA and interpreter for a Member of the French parliament. For the last 9 years I’ve worked as a guide, translator and interpreter, including for BNP Paribas and Mediterranean Shipping Company. Also I’ve been tutoring online since I left university in 2009.  I love to teach and can explain difficult grammar in a simple and learner-friendly way. So, I hope I’ll be your Skype French teacher!’


French Language. Teaching experience: 11 years
‘Bonjour! I graduated from university in 2008 with an MA in teaching French. I worked as a telephone interpreter, so have a huge experience in communicating at a distance. Several years working in tourism have given me broad life experience and a strong client focus. I’ve also taught French language by Skype to both adults and children for 4 years. I’d be delighted to help you improve your language skills! I will do my best in providing useful and enjoyable Skype lessons.’


French Language. Teaching experience: 17 years
‘Bonjour à tous! I received my MA degree in French as a foreign language from the New Sorbonne University (Paris III). I also got a Master’s degree in Media, Marketing and Communications from Paris II Panthéon-Assas University. For the last 15 years I’ve lived in France and worked as an online teacher, guide, translator and interpreter, including for ARTE TV5. I have many years of experience in DELF/DALF/ TCFàQ exams preparation. Some of my students work at the European Commission, the European Parliament in Brussels and at EUAM. I would like to help you express your thoughts in French as the French )).’


French Language. Teaching experience: 7 years
‘I’m a certified teacher of French as a foreign language and have been teaching it for more than 7 years. I lived in France for 10 years and got my DELF certificate in Paris. I really love French language and culture. My courses are for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students. I have many years of experience in DELF exams preparation. My goal is to help you speak French fluently using expanded vocabulary and good grammar. Each lesson is tailored according to the student’s needs and objectives. So, I provide full integrated French Skype lessons, where the student is learning to speak, understand, read and write.’

skype french tutorDarya

French Language. Teaching experience: 16 years
‘I’ve got an MA in French language in 2004 and have been working as a teacher since then. Also, in 2009 I got my DELF B2 certificate from ELFI French school in Genève. In addition, I was certified to be a French teacher by Linguistique University of Lausanne (UNIL), Switzerland in 2019. I have many years experience as an online French language tutor. My passion for French culture and language guarantees that you would find the lessons fun and interesting. My teaching is based on oral communication. However, practicing new vocabulary and grammar is an integral part of the learning process. Importantly, new grammar rules are applied in practice on a regular basis.’


French Language. Teaching experience: 5 years
‘I have BA in French linguistics. I have taught French online for the last 5 years and now I offer high quality lessons via Skype. Well, I consider myself to be lenient and demanding. I always try to be focused on my students’ needs. Also, I find it very gratifying to see that I have contributed to someone’s success in language learning. I’d be glad to give you a helping hand in mastering French. Hopefully, you will find my French Skype lessons exciting and efficient.’

learning french skypeVictoria

French Language. Teaching experience: 17 years
‘I received my MA degree with honours in French Language and Literature in 2002. I’ve been working as an interpreter for various companies for more than a decade. This has helped me improve my communication skills and master business language. I also offered tutoring since I left university. I am passionate about working with people and teaching them French. Besides, I love introducing my students to a new and interesting of culture. Now I offer enjoyable Skype lessons at affordable prices. I’d be happy to be your online French language tutor and to help you open a new exciting world!’


French Language. Teaching experience: 15 years
‘Bonjour tout le monde! I obtained my MA degree with honours in French Language in 2003. Since then I have taught the language both online and in-person. I’ve been working as a University lecturer for 8 years. For the last 7 years I’ve been tutoring online. I consider myself to be an enthusiastic teacher who always tries to find an individual approach to a particular learner.  Generally speaking, teaching French is not only my job but more like a hobby. So, take online French classes with a highly committed tutor!’


French Language. Teaching experience: 10 years
‘Bonjour a tous. I am a qualified French language teacher.  Since I graduated from the University in 2010 I have been teaching French to both children and adult learners. I used to work as an interpreter for such organizations as Medecins sans Frontieres and USAID. My pronunciation is very similar to that of a native speaker because I had an opportunity to practice the language with the French from various regions of France.
I adore French and I really want to help you start speaking this romantic language. If you are a beginner or an intermediate level student, I will help you improve your language skills. My teaching style is based on individual-oriented approach. Thus, you can be sure that all your preferences and objectives will be met. So, I hope you will enjoy my lessons.’

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