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Learn Polish via SkypeDo you want to learn Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese or Japanese language? Learn language by Skype with a qualified teacher! Our experienced tutors will help you learn a language online. Take private Skype lessons from £10h!

Why take language lessons by Skype with our online tutor?

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  1. University educated language teachers

  2. Experienced online tutors

  3. Digital materials by professional linguists
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  1. Free trial and learning materials

  2. Skype language lessons from £10 per 60 mins

  3. No charge for lessons cancelled earlier than 3h.
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  1. Any time and place that suit you

  2. Any level

  3. Any tutor (change upon request)

Our Tutors

Russian Tutor AlinaTutor Alina

Polish Teacher:‘I’m a Linguist and a Teacher with Master’s degree. Now I’m working on my PhD research. My teaching experience is 3+ years and I have been teaching both kids and adults. My students are my friends, which I encourage to learn languages and to follow their goals without any hesitation. In my work I always follow the statement: ‘Teachers who love teaching, teach students to love learning’!’

skype spanish lessonsTutor Lena

Dutch Teacher: ‘Being a linguist and a teacher (MA degree) I invite you to discover the secrets of Dutch. During the time of my life and study in the Netherlands the history and culture of the country became as important for me as the language itself. I passed the state Dutch exam in 2009 and I’d be delighted to help you learn Dutch language by Skype. Join the club!’ Tariff: £20-25

Ukrainian tutor NastyaTutor Nastya

Ukrainian Teacher: ‘I’m an experienced university teacher with PhD in Philology. I’ll be glad to teach you Ukrainian. These languages are usually considered to be very difficult, but in fact everyone can speak Russian or Ukrainian if he has a strong desire. My students of different nationalities prove it! If you are not a native English speaker, don’t worry. My explanations will be clear and easy even for those who have an elementary level of English. So, don’t hesitate and start learning!’

Ukrainian tutor LarysaTutor Larysa

Portuguese Teacher: ‘Olá! l graduated from University of Lisbon (Portugal) and got a BA in International Relations and MA in Commercial Diplomacy. I’ve lived in Portugal for the last 12 years and I’m really in love with the Portuguese language. I worked as a translator and interpreter for a Vice-Consul in Portugal. Now l offer convenient and efficient private Portuguese lessons by Skype.’

skype lessonsTutor Nataria

Japaneese Teacher: ‘I’m a fully qualified Japanese teacher (MA degree). I also completed 1-year course in the faculty of letters at Ryukoku University (Japan) and I’ve got a certificate of Japanese language proficiency form the Japan Foundation. I adore Japan and sharing my language skills and knowledge about this wonderful country with my students! It has been my job and my hobby for the last 7 years. If you are planning to visit, to study or to work in Japan, you will definitely need Japanese language. We practice communication from the very first minute of my lesson, and I’m sure you’ll like kanji (Japanese characters) and Japanese grammar. Japanese proverb says: 千里の道も一歩から (chiri no michi wa ippo kara). A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
So let’s do this step together!’

skype lessonsTutor Ilona

Norwegian Teacher: ‘Hi, I’m Ilona, a qualified teacher and linguist (BA degree). Now I am a student at University of Oslo (Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies). I’ve got a certificate by Kompetense Norge which proves my language skills (please see the scan attached to this advert).
I have been teaching Norwegian over Skype for 7 years. I would love to invite you to come with me on an exciting journey of learning, and I hope you’ll find my online lessons informative and enjoyable. Try out my Norwegian classes !
Have your lessons in the comfort of your home or office.’

Learning a language by Skype

To learn a language on Skype is suitable for everybody: intermediate level students and the beginners. It is a perfect way of study for working people, who cannot find time for individual or group lessons. You can learn a language on Skype at any time and place, where you can find Internet.

The students of Online courses can choose the time, duration and frequency of the lessons which are suitable for them. Apart from that, they can choose a level: for beginners, intermediate, colloquial, business etc.

Language lessons online are very similar to the individual lessons: the teacher introduces the material, gives the explanations and the assignments. The student, in his turn, listens to the tutor and does the tasks. During the Skype sessions the main focus is on the conversational language.

It is a well-known fact that all organs of perception have to be involved in the learning a foreign language. “Show screen” function allows the teacher to demonstrate all necessary visual materials to a student.

The other tool which is actively used during online lessons is a Skype chat. It is used by both a teacher and a student as an interactive board. The student and the teacher exchange the assignments, which can be marked immediately. Also, they can exchange the messages and correct the pronunciation during the lesson. During online language lessons the chat is used as a ‘prompter’, which allows the teacher to correct the mistakes immediately without interrupting the student.

All this opportunities and tools allow to organize and spend full integrated language lessons online, where the student is learning to speak, understand, read and write.

Use the opportunity to learn language online with experienced teachers!

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