Why us

learn language online tutorLooking to learn languages with an online tutor? Find out more about language lessons by Skype! It is ✔efficient, ★cost-effective and ❤time-saving!
When you hire an online language teacher, the money you spend should buy you unrivalled personal attention. It means that your tutor creates a personalised study programme in accordance to your current level and goals. In addition, every lesson is tailored to suit your needs. Besides, you work only with the content that interests you. Moreover, your individual learning style is always considered!
But what is more important, it’s an easy and flexible way to arrange lessons. You can schedule them for the time that suits you. Now you don’t need to travel to local group or one-to-one classes anymore! So, save your time and money! ➤Book a free trial lesson now!

Why learn languages with our online tutor?

ProfessionalOur Skype language school offers online lessons since 2014. Only university educated staff. Fully-qualified teachers. Experienced online tutors. High quality learning materials issued by leading publishers.

ConvenientСlasses at any time and place that suit you. Have lessons at the comfort of your home or office! Don’t care about tea and biscuits for your tutor anymore!

PersonalisedLessons tailored to your level, goals and your learning style. Content that is interesting for you. Choose the tutor you like best. Change teachers on request to find the best match.

Cost-effectiveOur Skype language school offers best prices for online language lessons by expert teachers. Free training materials. No charge for lessons cancelled earlier than 3h. Free 30 mins trial class. Book it now!

Time-savingStandard lessons last a full 60 mins. No need to travel. Suspend lessons for up to 25 weeks. Email your homework and the tutor will check it for free!

FlexibleSchedule which meets your requirements. No fixed timetable. Reschedule when necessary. Use any spare time slot to boost your langiage skills!