Prices for Skype language lessons

Prices for Skype language lessons
We offer Skype lessons with qualified language teachers for very affordable prices. Our normal online class lasts 60 minutes. Book a bulk and get a discount! The more Skype lessons you order the less you pay per hour. Learn language online with us!

Our rates for one-to-one language lessons by Skype in GBP

1 hour (60 mins)


Price per hour £30

Save £0

5 hours


Price per hour £20

Save £50

10 hours


Price per hour £16

Save £140

15 hours


Price per hour £14

Save £240

25 hours


Price per hour £12*

Save £450

— *For Spanish lesson this block includes 40 hours.

See all payment options here


1) The first 30mins lesson is free.

2) Get a discount (up to 25%) for small group lessons (2 students simultaneously).

3) Installment payments are available! Pay £160 for 10 lessons (1st installment) and then purchase the rest from the block you choose for the remaining amount (2nd installment). For example, you would like to book 25 hours. You pay for 10 lessons (£160) + 15 lessons (£140). Thus, you book 25 hours for the minimal price of £12 per hour in 2 installments.

 How is the payment made

You can pay with your credit/debit card at checkout. Choose this method and proceed with your payment.To receive your payments we use our secure partner The system of safe electronic payment utilizes the most modern safety standard — 3D Secure, which provides the safest payment on the Internet. 3D Secure Technology is the part of global Visa Verified by Visa and MasterCard MasterCardSecureCode™, the purpose of which is providing the safe and effective methods of payment for goods and services in the Internet.Confidential information about your card number, CVV2 / CVC2-code, is sent in an encrypted form. TLS protocol is used for data transmission, so the safety of operations is fully guaranteed.

1) Click the button ‘Book _ hours’ .

2) Please type the name of the student and the tutor in the field ‘Comments’.

3) Please type your VISA, Maestro or Mastercard data issued in any currency. Please fill in the ‘Owner name’ field with the name of the card holder and put in the date when the card expires in the field ‘Validity‘. Put 3-digit code on the back of the card in the field ‘CVV2′

4) Please type your email address and your phone number. Click ‘Checkout’. You’ll need to confirm your identity on your bank’s page. Please enter your Mastercard SecureCode or Verified by Visa Password. This information is not shared with the merchant.

5) After the security check you will receive the payment confirmation email to your inbox.

Please mind that all transfer fees should be met by the payer. Thanks a lot!

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