Get discounts when you refer friends to ‘OK!’

Here’s how it works

refer friends to online language lessons
Tell your friend about online language lessons we provide ➤  Your friend books lessons ➤ You both get 5% discount for any block of lessons.

Who can participate in the Refer a Friend Programme?

All our current students can participate in the Refer a Friend Program. Please note that you can refer only new users – existing customers will not be approved for an additional discount.

You can refer as many friends as you want! You will get a discount for each friend you refer that books any block of lessons. Discount is 5% for you and for your friend.

What do my friends need to do so that I can get my discount?

When your friends purchase a block of lessons and pays at checkout, they need to put your name in Comments box. Here is our rate scale for language lessons with 5% discount:

5 lessons x £20 = £100 – 5% = £95 (save £5)
10 lessons x £18 = £180 – 5% = £171 (save £9)
15 lessons x £16 = £240 – 5% = £228 (save £12)
25 lessons x £14 = £350 – 5% = £332 (save £18)

You friend can choose any block he or she likes. Here is the link for the payment .

Once you friend have paid for a block of language lessons and get their 5% discount while booking, you have successfully generated a referral. You will receive 5% discount for your next booking which can be used within a year.

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