Terms and Conditions

Our goal is to provide the highest quality personalised online language tutoring (using Skype). The tutor must therefore provide the student with quality intensive tuition and thoroughly test the student’s language skills.

The student takes a free trial lesson lasting 30 minutes. During the trial the tutor will assess the student’s level and discuss his/her goals. A training schedule will be created and agreed between the tutor and the student. The lesson schedule can be flexible to meet the student’s requirements.

The student makes 100% payment for a block of lessons in advance.

The tutor creates a study programme according to the student’s needs and chooses appropriate learning materials which are to be provided for free. Where relevant, digital handouts are to be sent before each Skype session for the student to be able to print them out.

Homework materials and homework checking are provided for free.

We run a 3 hour cancellation policy. If the student has to cancel the scheduled lesson, he / she must inform the tutor at least 3 hours before the scheduled start of the lesson, in which case there will be no cancellation charge. The student can make cancellations by emailing the tutor or by messaging them on Skype. Failure to notify cancellation at least 3 hours in advance will result in a non-refundable administrative charge equal to 50 % of the lesson cost.
We require that the student give the tutor and/or the school administration advance notice to suspend lessons for a period of time up to 25 weeks so that the tutor can accommodate other students instead. If the student wishes to restart his / her lessons later than 25 weeks since the date of the last lesson, he /she must buy a new block of lessons.
The student can change tutor at any time on request.

If the student cancels classes after starting the package of lessons, only partial reimbursement is possible. We will subtract 50% from the remaining unused lesson fees to cover our administrative expenses, and will refund the rest to the student within 30 days.

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