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ST about 1-2-1 lessons by Skype
The Sunday Times (July 23, 2017 pp. 20-21)
Duncan Craig about French lessons by Skype with Maria
‘Friends generously describe my French as rusty, but on this trip there’s a linguistic spring in my step, thanks to the one-to-one lessons I’ve been taking with Maria Romanoff. I found Maria after the quickest of googles. She’s an interpreter who now offers language lessons over Skype. No group classes, no journey time, just a patient polyglot in my pocket. The 30-minute taster session is free — so it wouldn’t have mattered too much if she weren’t any good. As a learning experience, it wasn’t exactly Dead Poets Society, but I found it stretching and absorbing. My French improved rapidement.’

Jack Losh, London, Freelance Journalist, about Russian lessons by Skype

Christine Fitzgerald, London, about German lessons by Skype (
Carolle Raynor about French lessons via Skype with Svetlana (
‘Svetlana was the teacher appointed to me for SKYPE French lessons.   She speaks French beautifully, with great clarity and the lessons were structured around my requirements, which were to focus more on practising listening comprehension, although obviously I have the opportunity to speak.   I also attend French classes in England, but the opportunity to have a one to one has helped me to greatly improve my aural communication skills. In addition, Svetlana is a charming person, kind and patient so each conversation is enjoyable and interesting.’


Isabella Imbriaco about German lessons over Skype with Alla (
‘I would recommend taking German classes with Alla to everyone! Apart from being extremely caring and personal in her approach, she is very professional an passionate about what she is doing. I was happy to have class with her every time, she boosted my self-confidence and helped me get through my fear of speaking German. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is struggling with a foreign language, it is very helpful.’


Kieran McLaverty, UK, about Spanish lessons with Nataliia (
‘The 10 lesson package was a great introduction to the language and gave me some useful phrases for when I move to Spain later this month. Natalia was a 10/10 tutor.’


CHRISTOPHER BECKMAN, UK, about French lessons by Svetlana  (
‘Svetlana helped me improve my French by leaps and bounds. Equally important, she has the patience of a saint. Un grand merci!’


Laura Reeves, London, about German lessons with Anastasia (
‘My lessons with Anastasia have taught me a lot and I have only had a few with her, she seems to know from the word go what your specific needs are which was brilliant. She is patient (which is definitely needed with me) and understanding, especially when I have needed to switch lessons. We have had some giggles in our lessons (mainly at my expense) which is always fun. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances I can no longer carry on, however, in the future Anastasia will be the first person I contact. I definitely have not quit my German lessons just postponed, I am looking forward to getting back into them when I can. :)’

James Salitan, UK, about Spanish lessons over Skype by Katerina (
‘Katalina es súper buen maestra.  Todo bien.’

Ka Yee Julie Meck, London, about Russian lessons via Skype with Natalia (
‘Natalia is a friendly and enthusiastic teacher who always tries to make our lessons fun but at the same time makes sure that all the basics are covered. Our lessons combine a structured approach and more spontaneous conversational practice, which I find useful. Natalia also always sets homework after each lesson to help me consolidate everything I’ve learnt. I would recommend Natalia as a Russian teacher.’


Michaela Georgiou, London, about Italian lessons via Skype by Albina (
‘I have really enjoyed the lessons. Albina is such a great teacher.’


Magda, English teacher, London, about German lessons over Skype with Alla
‘I have had a pleasure to be taught German by Alla for 5 months from a complete beginner level. She has always been well prepared, flexible and professional.
She explains the language clearly and makes sure that you actually understand and work hard. She is a very friendly and helpful teacher. I can recommend Alla to anyone who wants to learn and improve their German. Danke schöne Alla!’


Chris Haskins, UK, about French Skype lessons with Svetlana (haskinscd@******** 
‘Can you please thank Svetlana for the excellent French lessons she has been teaching our 12 year old daughter, Eliza. She is really enjoying Svetlana’s stimulating approach to teaching this language and has made great progress.  We like the way that Svetlana puts emphasise on speaking the language, as well as the written vocabulary.  We are so pleased that we have now booked a further 30 lessons. Thank you from Eliza’s parents.’


Natasza Wojcik, London, Furniture & Decorative Arts at Sotheby’s, about
Russian lessons on Skype (

Yuriy Baran, Ukraine, Commercial Director about English lessons via Skype (

Джеймс фотоJames Giddings, London, Business Development Director about Russian lessons via Skype (

«Yelena has been giving me lessons two hours per week for just seven weeks and already I am able to hold conversations with my future parents in law!!! I am amazed at how fast her methods have got me to this stage and will continue to use her lessons until I am fluent! I couldn’t be happier with the service….. I really couldn’t!»


Kate, Kiev, about English and Italian lessons on Skype (Skype: katerynaluce)

«I had a wonderful experience of learning both English and Italian languages with that Teacher from God during so many years. Maria was my first and the only one real Teacher from the capital letter. Using innovative and unique methods, rich personal teacher’s experience, subtle psychological feeling of every student and enormous variety of interesting and useful materials in texts, video, audio, she gave me not only the solid knowledge and motivation for my development and personal growth but also the most important thing in studying foreign languages — the Love for those languages and desire to be life-learner. I would highly recommend Maria as one the best professionals in teaching field!»

Alexandr Litvinenko, Ukraine, about English lessons via Skype (

«I have been learning English for a long time trying different methodical approaches which were offered by different teachers. I used many ways, changed some schools and courses.
Now I could say that the most appropriate way of studying for me is using Skype through the internet. I save my time and get what I really want. My teacher Maria make all possible and reasonable endeavors teaching English by Skype, she is aimed on the result, her teaching is interesting and truly exciting. There is no time for laziness and doubts! We can simply do our best remotely just staying at home and choosing Skype lessons with experienced teacher.»

Chris O’Connor, UK, about Russian lessons via Skype (

«I had been making very slow progress teaching myself Russian using online tools, so I thought that i’d benefit from speaking to a real native speaker. ‘Ok. All correct!’ school offered me a free lesson to test the water and see if I liked their teaching style and I was not disappointed. I am now 16 lessons or so in, and feel I am making real progress. I was floundering with basic Russian grammar until my teacher Natalia pointed me in the right direction. Slowly but surely she has helped me improve greatly and her teaching style is superb, my vocabulary and understanding has exploded. Importantly, she records the lessons so i can listen back to her corrections and advice, and she also supplies me with great source material to learn from as well as showing me some great lessons online that compliment the lesson we just had. I pay via Skrill, which seems to be like a Russian version of paypal and it’s very simple to transfer the cash across in a safe way. I couldn’t be happier with ‘okallcorrects’ language services!»

Donna Mabey, London, Line Producer about Russian lessons via Skype (

Francesco Lucidi, London, Drummer about Russian lessons via Skype (

David Trayford, Derby House, owner, UK:

«Great school and course with fantastic communication before, during and after the course. As a total beginner I was able to read and understand street and other signs by the third day. My teacher was wonderful.»

Roberto Budriesi, Italy:

“ I am Roberto, Italian, who had several lessons of Russian language by Skype with Maria. My experience of learning method proposed by Maria, without doubt, is very positive. Maria is very attentive and scrupulous in preparing the lessons’ materials and her approach is personal, according to the level of the student. The materials are sent to the students before the lesson and so it is very convenient, because by Skype, one can have effective distance learning. It is easy to work on your pronunciation and grammar and the teacher is correcting you in real time, you are listening to the teacher’s voice. And, besides, the teacher and the student can agree on time – table. Thus, it couldn’t be better than that…”

Kimberley Wysocki, student at University of Oxford, UK:

«I would recommend the classes to anybody who wants to learn Russian, no matter what age or level they are. The teachers are very friendly and patient — and help you learn the language and the culture behind the language. I have learned so much.»

Heiko Wohr, Germany:

«I really enjoyed my Russian language course. I learned exactly what I needed and she gave me a deep insight into the country and how things work here. So the course was perfect for me. I highly recommend the service to everybody who wants to learn Russian and who wants to get a better understanding of the people.»

David Lewis, UK:

«I would highly recommend the language school to anyone who is considering learning Russian. The teachers are so welcoming and particularly encouraging during the learning process. Moreover, it is one of the best value Russian language schools.»

Aliona Sakharuk, Ukraine, about English lessons via Skype (

Justin Barton, London, Photographer about Russian Lessons via Skype (

Stella Tsartsara, consultant for an EU project, Greece:

«The Russian course was just great! I had an excellent Russian teacher, who was very flexible in her teaching methods. I can now speak Russian in everyday life and understand the TV in Russian — which was my goal. I am so happy I decided to learn Russian with this school. In just a few months I can speak the language almost automatically without thinking. Thank you again for your professionalism and high level of service!»

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