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Looking to learn Spanish online via Skype? Our fully-qualified teachers provide highest quality Spanish lessons online. Take private Skype classes at any time and place where you can have an access to Internet. We offer cost-effective lessons with university-trained linguists and experienced tutors. Learning materials are provided for free. Save your time and money! Book a free trial lesson today!

Prices for Spanish Lessons

We offer online Spanish lessons for the best prices. Our cost per hour includes ☊ Skype lesson by a university-trained Spanish teacher and experienced online tutor, ✔ up-to-date learning materials, ➤homework and✎its checking!

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spanish tutor cost per hour➤Normal lesson lasts a full 60 minutes. Training and homework materials are provided for free. The price also includes homework checking.
➤Book a bulk and get a discount! The more hours you book the less is the price per hour.
➤We guarantee the best price. Find a better price offer for online lessons with a fully-qualified teacher and get a discount!
So, take online Spanish lessons from us!

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Our cost per hour for Spanish lessons by Skype tutor in GBP

1 hour (60 mins)


Price per hour £30

Save £0

Book 1 hour

5 hours


Price per hour £22

Save £40

Book 5 hours

10 hours


Price per hour £18

Save £120

Book 10 hours

15 hours


Price per hour £16

Save £210

Book 15 hours

30 hours


Price per hour £14

Save £480

Book 30 hours

Please mind that all transfer fees should be met by the payer. Thanks a lot!
You can pay any amount by BACS transfer. The account details are on our Payment page.


cheap french lessons1) Installment payments are available! If you would like to book 30 hours, you can purchase them in 2 installments. You pay for 15 lessons (£240) + 15 lessons (£180). Thus, you book 30 hours for the minimal price of £14 per hour in 2 installments. You can make the payment here.

2) Get a discount (up to 25%) for small group lessons, i.e. 2 students simultaneously.

3) The first 30mins lesson is free. Book a free 30 min Skype lesson trial now!

Online Spanish Lessons via Skype

skype-spanish-lessonsOnline Spanish lessons via Skype or Zoom are suitable for anybody wanting to learn the language. It’s a perfect way for working people to study when they don’t have time for individual or group lessons. Learn anytime and anywhere — all you need is the Internet.

Here is how online Spanish lessons via Skype work:

Book a free 30 mins trial lesson

Have your trial at any time and place

Book a package of lessons

Continue your lessons with your tutor

Choose another teacher at any time

Students choose the time, length and frequency of lessons — as well the level and style (beginner, intermediate, advanced, colloquial, business, etc).

Spanish lessons on Skype are very similar to the individual lessons. The teacher introduces the material, explains it and gives assignments. The student listens to the tutor and then does the tasks. During Skype sessions, the main focus is on conversational language.

It is well-documented that all senses must be involved in learning a foreign language. In this context online Spanish lessons via Skype can be even more effective than face-to-face ones. Because the teacher has an access to a huge variety online resourses during a Skype / Zoom session. For example, you can do an online test with the tutor’s help and comments. Besides, ‘show screen’ function allows teachers to show all necessary visual materials to students. It means that any online content can be used to facilitate learners’ language skills! Audio or video files, text documents and presentations can now be easily shared!

The other tool actively used during online lessons is chat. Actually, all software for video calls allow users to send instant messages. In fact, chat serves as an interactive board. Teacher and student can use it to exchange messages, correct mistakes. It also helps introduce new vocab without interrupting the flow of the class.

All these tools make for hugely effective online Spanish lessons. They help the student to become totally proficient in speaking, understanding, reading and writing Spanish.

So, use the opportunity to learn Spanish online with experienced teachers!

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Spanish Tutor by Skype

Looking for a Spanish tutor by Skype? Our university-trained Spanish teachers provide highest quality personalised tutoring using Skype. We offer best prices for online lessons and free learning materials! Book a free trial lesson today!

Profiles of our Skype Spanish Tutors

spanish tutor onlineYana

Spanish Language, English Language. Teaching experience: 4 years
‘I got my BA in Linguistics (Spanish Language and Literature) and qualified to be a Spanish teacher. I’ve been teaching Spanish both online and in person for the last 4 years. I have been living and studying in Alicante, Spain for more than a year.
I’d be glad to give you a helping hand in mastering Spanish. I enjoy working as a teacher and encourage my students to speak Spanish even if they’re absolute beginners! I will do my best in providing useful and enjoyable online lessons.’


Spanish Language, English Language. Teaching experience: 4 years
‘I am a qualified teacher with a BA degree in Spanish Language and Literature. I worked as a telephone consultant for Spanish-speaking clients in an international company, so have a huge experience in communicating at a distance and a strong client focus. My teaching strategy aims to help you use the language from the very first lesson. I have been teaching Spanish for more than 4 years both in person and online. I really enjoy tutoring by Skype. All learning materials are provided. Besides, I develop lesson plans based on your needs and interests. So, see you at my online lessons!’

spanish tutor by skypeMaksim

Spanish Language. Teaching experience: 3 years
‘I have lived and studied in Spain for the last 2 years. I am currently doing my bachelor’s degree at the University of Alicante. My major is International Tourism and Management. I’ve been working as a Spanish tutor by Skype for the last 3 years. I would be happy to introduce you to the exciting world of the second widely spoken language on our planet. Moreover, I can guarantee my students thrilling and useful classes, personally structured according to the interests of each student!’

online spanish tutorMaria

Spanish Language. Teaching experience: 3 years
‘Hola, amigos! I’m a qualified Spanish teacher (BA degree in Spanish language and literature). Also I have an MA in Linguistics. I have been teaching Spanish for 3 years both in class and online.
Apart from English I can also speak Spanish, Italian, Russian and a little bit German. I’ve been studying languages for many years and I can’t imagine my life without them. Moreover, I really want to share my skills. That’s why I decided to become a teacher. I believe I can transmit useful knowledge about helpful learning technics to my students. Make sure to become one of them!’

online spanish tutorAngelina

Spanish Language, Italian Language. Teaching experience: 3 years
‘I graduated from the Sapienza University of Rome. I was majoring in Spanish and Italian languages and literatures. Since my graduation day I’ve been teaching these languages to both kids and adult learners. I did an internship for Bonghi public school in Rome teaching Italian and Spanish as foreign languages. Also, I worked as a teacher for public and online language schools on Grand Canary Island (Spain). I’ve taught Spanish both online and in person for 3 years.’

spanish tutor onlineVika

Spanish Language. Teaching experience: 6 years
‘I am a professional teacher of Spanish with international working experience. I hold a BA degree in Linguistics from a recognized university and trained in teaching Spanish as a Foreign language. Since I left University I have provided private tutoring. I lived in Spanish-speaking countries for 6 years and practiced the language a lot. I am also an active member of the Translation Association.  To my mind, learning a foreign language should be fun and enjoyable. In my online classes I incorporate games, music, conversational and writing activities. The key is to keep students motivated so that they enjoy learning not only in my lessons but also in between.’

skype spanish tutorLena

 Spanish Language, Dutch Language. Teaching experience: 10 years
‘Being a linguist and a teacher (MA degree) I invite you to discover the secrets of Dutch and Spanish. I’ve lived in Spain and I’ve spoken the language for more than 14 years. So, let´s move together one more mountain finding the way to communicate in Spanish without any problems. Ole!
During the time of my living and studying in the Netherlands the history and culture of the country have become as important for me as the language itself. I also passed the state Dutch exam in 2009 and I want to transmit the language to my students. So, join the club!’
So, if you are looking for a Spanish tutor by Skype, choose one of our qualified teachers!

Spanish tutorKaterina

Spanish Language, English Language. Teaching experience: 6 years
‘Hola! I‘ve got BA degree (Hons) in Spanish Language and Literature. I’ve taught Spanish language courses to both adults and children. I’ve been tutoring online for more than 6 years, and I really enjoy working as a Spanish Skype tutor.  I aim to teach my students to speak Spanish fluently. We pay attention to all aspects of the language: reading, writing, listening and, of course, speaking. Moreover, I do my best to create an engaging and dynamic learning atmosphere. I would love to invite you to come with me on an exciting journey of learning. I hope you’ll find my lessons informative and enjoyable. Learn Spanish online with me!’

skype spanish tutorElena

Spanish Language. Teaching experience: 10 years
‘Queridos amigos! I invite you to study Miguel Cervantes’ and Garcia Lorca’s native language – ESPAÑOL! I graduated from uni in 2008 with an MA degree in Spanish Language and was qualified to be a Spanish teacher. Besides, I studied for a PhD degree and worked on my research on Spanish-speaking personality. My teaching experience is more than a decade. While working as a Spanish teacher in Spain I was immersed in the culture and way of life of the local people. So it would be a great pleasure for me to share my knowledge with you. Exciting online lessons are guaranteed!’.

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