Looking to learn language on skype?

Bravo, investing in your mind is a great idea!
learn languages on skypeThe Swedish MRI study showed that learning a foreign language has a visible effect on the brain. Young adult military recruits with a flair for languages learned Arabic, Russian or Dari intensively, while a control group of medical and cognitive science students also studied hard, but not at languages. MRI scans showed specific parts of the brains of the language students developed in size whereas the brain structures of the control group remained unchanged.

As we can see, learning new languages is really beneficial. When you learn languages on Skype, the money you spend should buy you unrivalled personal attention. Moreover, online lessons by a fully-qualified teacher helps you save your time and money!

1.Any place

Wherever you are in the world you can learn! All you need is any device connected to Internet and a professional tutor online. Have classes at the comfort of your home, office or at any public place.

2. Any time

You can schedule language lessons on Skype for any time that suits you. Have them during your morning coffee or lunch break. Or even when you got stuck in a traffic block. Your lesson schedule will be flexible to meet your requirements.

3. Any budget

Skype language lessons are much cheaper than classroom or face-to-face ones. It’s no wonder because you don’t need to buy books or mobile programmes. All necessary training materials are provided by tutor for free. No travel expenses. No need to buy tea for your tutor! Moreover, we offer very competitive prices, bulk discounts and instalment payments!

4. Any level

Professional tutor will create a study programme according to your current level and goals. Every language lesson by Skype will be tailored to suit your needs.

5. Any goal

Our experienced tutors are here to help you with whatever your goals may be. Whether it's wanting to become 100% fluent, enough to be able to communicate with your family or friends, or simply maintaining your current skills.

6. Any content

Online tutor provides individual approach to each student. It means that she will deal with the content that interests you. We use only up-to-date course-books issued by leading publishers. You can be sure you won’t read political reviews if you are fond of cooking!

7. Any learning style

As a matter of fact, we are all unique and learn in different ways. Those who learn best via conversational methods will be given an opportunity to communicate. When you learn language on Skype the main focus is on speaking and listening. However, reading and writing can also be facilitated! Skype chat is used as a whiteboard. ‘Show screen’ function allows to demonstrate any content. Share any type of files easily!

8. Any frequency

Take as many classes as you wish and find it useful. However, we would recommend at least two Skype sessions per week plus regular homework. Try to spend only 30 min a day to look through the handouts. Or to listen to the audio file you worked on during your last lesson. Any effort will be rewarded!

Summing up, say ‘NO’ to journey time, to fixed schedule and to group classes. 'OK!' school offers an easy solution for learning languages. Indeed, we have lots of satisfied customers. We encourage you to check out our reviews online on Trustpilot as well as the client video testimonials we’ve gathered over the years. So, benefit from highest quality personalised online language tutoring in the shortest time possible! Invest in your mind and we will make your learning easy and enjoyable.

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