Prices for German Lessons

Looking to learn German online by Skype? We offer online German lessons for very competitive prices. University-educated German teachers provide personalised online language tutoring using Skype.
learn-german-online-skype✔ Normal lessons last a full 60 minutes. High-quality learning materials, homework assignments and homework checking are provided for free.
✔ Bulk discounts. The more lessons you purchase the less is the price per hour.
✔ Best price guarantee. Find a better price offer for online lessons with a fully-qualified teacher and get a discount!
So, learn German online via Skype with our fully-qualified and experienced teachers!

When you pay at checkout, please type your tutor’s name in the Comments box.

Our prices for German lessons by Skype in GBP

1 hour (60 mins)


Price per hour £25

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5 hours


Price per hour £20

Save £25

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10 hours


Price per hour £18

Save £70

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15 hours


Price per hour £16

Save £135

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25 hours


Price per hour £15

Save £250

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Please mind that all transfer fees should be met by the payer. Many thanks!


cheap french lessons1) Installment payments are available! If you would like to book 25 hours, you can purchase them in 2 installments. First you buy 10 lessons for £180 (1st installment) by clicking on ‘Book 10 hours’ above. Kindly put your tutor’s name and ‘1st installment’ in Comments.
After completion of 10 lessons you can book 15 lessons for £195 (2nd installment). The payment can be made via our ‘Payment‘ page. Please type ‘2nd installment’ in Comments. Thus, you book 25 hours for the minimal price of £15 per hour in 2 installments.

2) Get a discount (up to 25%) for small group lessons, i.e. 2 students simultaneously.

3) The first 30mins lesson is free. Book a free trial now!

When you learn German online with our Skype tutor, you can save on:

  • training materials, because they are provided for free!
  • travel expenses, because you don’t have to go to your tutor!
  • treat, bacause your tutor won’t arrive!

So, save your time and money — book online German lessons today!