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Looking to learn Italian with an online tutor? Our Skype tutors provide highest quality private Italian lessons using Skype. All teachers are fully-qualified and experienced. Besides, we use up-to-date learning materials, which our tutors share for free. Moreover, we offer best prices.

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Italian Language, English Language. Teaching experience: 8 years
‘I am an Italian mother-tongue teacher. I obtained Master’s Degree in Linguistics (English and Russian) in Milan. My experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language is 8 years. The comparison between English and Italian grammar allows me to explain the rules more effectively.  However, students are expected to speak Italian language from the first lesson. For this reason, I will speak mostly Italian during online sessions. In addition, I introduce students not only to the language but also to the Italian culture and way of life’.


Italian Language. Teaching experience: 6 years
‘I obtained my BA degree in Italian Linguistics (Teacher of Italian as a foreign language) from University of Messina in 2013 and an MA in Methods and Languages of Journalism in 2017. I also received my certificate of language proficiency from University for Foreigners Dante Alighieri. My Skype lessons are based on innovative teaching methods and materials. I have been teaching Italian to foreigners for the last 6 years, both in person and online. Individual learning programs are the most important priorities for me. Each lesson is tailored to suit students’ personal needs and level.  So, learn Italian with an experienced online tutor!’


Italian Language.  Teaching experience: 10 years
‘I have an MA in Teaching and Linguistics. In 2013 I passed my CILS exam in Universita di Siena (C2 level). My certificate proves my level is that of a native speaker. I have lived in Italy for 12 years, so I know all the specific of the culture and language. I work with people of different ages and backgrounds. My goal is to help my students speak Italian fluently. I’ll be happy to share my knowledge and skills with my students. In addition, I do my best to find an individual approach to everyone and to make my lessons enjoyable.’

italian tutor onlineNatalya

Italian Language.  Teaching experience: 6 years
‘I graduated from the University of Parma with an MA degree in Italian linguistics. I have been teaching Italian for more than 6 years both in person and online. If you are looking to learn Italian with an online tutor, I offer cefficient Skype lessons. Taking into consideration my student’s psychological peculiarities I develop an individual learning programme. It’s my strong believe that the process of language learning should not be based on rote memorization. The main focus should be on deep understanding and practical usage of the language. During my lessons I encourage my students to speak Italian even if they are absolute beginners. So, I will do my best to help you build on your conversation skills.’

online italian tutorsAlessandra

Italian Language, English Language.  Teaching experience: 16 years
‘I’m a mother tongue Italian teacher. I have a degree in teaching Italian to foreigners and a TEFL certificate. My teaching experience is more than a decade. I teach Italian online since 2015, my lessons are totally tailor made and based on students needs and goals. Students begin speak Italian from the first lesson. In fact, the best way to learn a language is to use it from the very beginning. We make up dialogues that people can use in their everyday life. My students say that I’m a very patient teacher. Moreover, my materials are very helpful and easy to use. In addition to grammar and conversation lessons I also prepare students for CILS exams, from A1 to C1 level.’
Tariff: £18 per 60 mins

online italian tutorVincenzo

Italian Language, English Language. Teaching experience: 15 years
‘I’m a fully qualified native Italian teacher. I have been teaching Italian to students from all over the world for the last 15+ years. My teaching approach is very much on encouraging you to use your language skills in real life conversations. In fact, focusing on verbal communication skills quickly builds your confidence. Also it helps you enjoy the new language. I speak a few languages. Therefore, I know how a language student feels like. Teaching materials are provided and can be sent to the students prior to commencing the lesson. I develop an individual learning programme tailored on your personal needs and interests. In addition, lessons can be structured to support a home study programme. So, I look forward to helping you enjoy your studies and achieve your goals.’
Tariff: £22 per 60 mins

Skype italian tutorMaria

Italian Language, English LanguageTeaching experience: 20 years
‘I have MA in teaching English and Italian languages and PhD in linguistics. My experience in the sphere of teaching, translating and interpreting is more than 20 years. I offer effective and quick learning of English and Italian. My teaching style is based on communicative methods and methods of association. Also I use memory stretching, body language involvement and elements of theatre.
I provide:
— Business Italian lessons;
— English for Italian-speaking students;
— Italian for English-speaking students;

— Quick Survival Kit (effective course of English and Italian for tourists, immigrants and businessmen);
— Rhetoric lessons in Italian or English for developing communication skills;
— Special lessons dedicated to particular professional topics’
Tariff: £18 per 60 mins

So, take efficient online lessons by a highly-qualified teacher. Choose one of our online Italian tutors!

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skype-italian-lessonsLooking for Italian lessons online via Skype?

We offer:

✔ High quality tuition by University-trained Italian teachers.

✔ Flexible schedules. You can study from anywhere and anytime without missing out on any lessons.

✔ One-on-one interaction with the instructor. You not only contact the tutor during scheduled lessons. You can also ask questions and practice ‘real language’ while chatting.

✔ Individual approach.  Lessons are based on a learner’s needs and abilities. Thus, the teacher creates a low-stress learning environment.

✔ Large variety of learning materials. The instructor has the ability to work with and assign material from any source, from certified texts to contemporary multimedia.

✔ Affordable prices.

As you can see, learning Italian online with our Skype tutor provides an advantage over traditional learning in many ways.

Here is how Italian lessons online via Skype work:

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Book a package of lessons

Continue your lessons with your tutor

Choose another teacher at any time

Students of our online Italian courses can choose the time, duration and frequency of lessons which are suitable for them. They can choose the level and objectives that suit them: beginners, intermediate, colloquial, business etc.

Italian lessons online are very similar to individual lessons: the teacher introduces material, gives explanations and sets assignments.

The student, in his turn, listens to the tutor and does the tasks. During the Skype sessions the main focus is on conversational language.

The ‘screen sharing’ function on Skype allows the teacher to demonstrate all necessary visual materials.

Our online Italian tutors also use Skype chat like a whiteboard to facilitate writing, spellings, and grammatical points. It is also used to set and mark assignments. During online lessons the chat is used as a ‘prompter’, which allows the teacher to correct mistakes immediately without interrupting the student.

By using technology to the full, our Italian teachers offer online lessons that can be even more effective than classroom classes. In short, they allow the student to practice all four skills — speaking, understanding, reading, and writing in Italian — but much more conveniently!

By the way, we accept online payments. That means you can avoid any personal contact, and so — any risk to get infected. Pay online via our secure payment providers and stay safe!

Use the opportunity to learn Italian by Skype with experienced online Italian teachers and native speakers!

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