Skype Russian Lessons

No doubt, the most efficient way to learn a language is by communicating with native speakers. But what is even more beneficial is learning under the expert guidance of a certified teacher. So, Skype Russian lessons with our university-educated native-speaking teacher is an ideal solution!

Profiles of our Online Russian Teachers

Online russian teacher Olga

Russian Language. Teaching experience: 21 years
‘I graduated from the State University of Tomsk in Russia and received my Master’s degree in Russian Language and Literature. I received professional training as a teacher of the Russian language for foreigners at St-Petersburg State University. Moreover, I have been teaching Russian as a foreign language for 20+ years and I’ve worked as a Russian Skype tutor for the last 3 years. I’ve also started up a private language school to provide training for other Russian teachers. Learn the language with a qualified Russian teacher by Skype!’

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Russian skype tutor Yaroslav

Russian Language, English Language. Teaching experience: 9 years
‘Looking for a friendly and experienced tutor? I am a fully qualified Russian teacher. I got my MA in Russian Language and Literature at Teacher Training University in 2010. Since then I have been working as a Russian tutor. I am sure that my experience and skills will prove to be of great help to you. Firstly, I always try to make my lessons efficient. For that reason, I use only modern learning materials issued by leading publishers. Secondly, during the lessons, I encourage my students to practice all four skills. So, I’ll help you improve speaking, understanding, reading, and writing in Russian. So, don’t hesitate – join my online classes!’

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French Language, English Language.  Teaching experience: 10 years
‘Hi there! Do you want to learn Russian easily and quickly? If you are aimed at learning Russian and don’t know how to start, in which direction to move and how not to lose motivation somewhere in the process, then I am here to help you! I’m a native Russian teacher with more than a decade of tutoring experience. I have an MA in linguistics and teach adults and kids in class and online via Skype or Zoom. For the last 5 years, I’ve been teaching Russian to English speakers online. I always try to find an individual approach to each student and to take into account his / her wishes and abilities. Looking forward to meeting you at my Skype classes!’

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What Makes Us Stand Out Among Our Competitors?

Just consider genuine reasons why our students love us.


This is such a flexible way to fit around my timetable.

Unlike our competitors, our platform allows you to avoid a fixed schedule. The lesson timetable can be flexible to meet your requirements. It means you don’t need to pay for the class you didn’t attend — just reschedule it giving your tutor a 3h notice.

Any level

I studied Russian language and literature at Oxford University and lived in Yaroslavl for 8 months in 2015. I am going back to Oxford to do a master’s degree in September and would like to get my Russian back up to scratch. My end goal is to speak fluently in Russian on all topics and colloquially.

Whether you start from scratch, or you are an intermediate-level student or even an advanced learner – Skype lessons would work for you. No matter what your current level is, our fully qualified and experienced teachers would be happy to help you achieve your goals.

Expert Teachers

Learning a foreign language is not easy but learning with a good tutor definitely helps a lot to speed up the learning process.

Booking Russian lessons on Skype with us, you’ll learn under expert guidance. We hire only native teachers who hold degrees in Russian Linguistics and have teacher’s qualifications. Importantly, you can change your tutor at any time on request without any explanation. Find your perfect match!

Tailor-made Classes

The teacher has lots of experience and structures the lessons based on my objectives.

Your online tutor creates a personalised study programme for you. Actually, every lesson is tailor-made in accordance with your needs, speed of learning, content preferences and individual learning style.


Amazing service for little money.

Our Russian Skype lessons are cost-effective. First, the teacher doesn’t waste her time and money on dressing up and travelling. Consequently, she can do Skype lessons in a row with just short breaks. As the tutor accommodates more students, she can reduce her hourly rate.

Secondly, our online tutors provide all the necessary learning materials for free. It means that you will receive the appropriate printable training materials as well as media files in digital format by email. So, you don’t need to buy anything.

Thirdly, no travel expense from your side, either. Besides, your tutor won’t visit you, so no need to care about tea and biscuits for your teacher anymore!

In short, you can save on trips, learning materials and little treats. But what is more important, we offer very competitive prices for online lessons by university-educated teachers.

Volume Discounts

I would ideally buy a bigger package of classes which would come out cheaper.

We made our rates more affordable for dedicated language learners. But a bulk of Skype Russian lessons and pay less per hour! Importantly, your block is not time-bound. it means you can use the classes you purchased whenever you want. Suspend lessons for up to 25 weeks. Reschedule when necessary for free!

Try before you buy

The 30-minute taster session is free — so it wouldn’t have mattered too much if she weren’t any good.

We offer a free introductory session which is 30 minutes long. Then you can either continue classes with the same teacher or have one more free trial lesson with another tutor. During the taster session, the tutor will assess your level and suggest a study plan. What is more important, it also helps you to decide if the tutor’s teaching style works for you and if you are a good match.

Our Rates For Skype Russian Lessons

Apart from a 60-minute Skype / Zoom session, our prices include the following:
Study programme customized to your objectives
Printable worksheets and media files
Homework checking
Regular assessments

1 class x
60 minutes


Hourly rate £25

5 classes x
60 minutes


Hourly rate £22

10 classes x
60 minutes


Hourly rate £20

15 classes x
60 minutes


Hourly rate £18

25 classes x
60 minutes


Hourly rate £16

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Secure Payment Options

You can pay for Skype lessons online in a secure way. Our payment providers offer payment protection. Firstly, you can pay by local bank transfer (BACS) using your online banking. Secondly, you can safely pay by card. 3D Secure is the most modern safety standard, which provides the safest payment on the Internet. Thirdly, ApplePay, GooglePay and QR-code payment options are also available.

Pay in instalments

Installment payments are available. It means that the block of cheapest lessons has become even more affordable. You can split the total amount into 2 or even 3 payments if necessary. So, opt in for our payment plan and reduce your cash spend in the short term!

Get discounts

To reduce the financial burden you might face in the short run, we have prepared some great special offers for you.

#1 Refer a friend and get a 10% discount for any block of lessons.

#2 Ester offer: buy a block of lessons a week before or a week after Easter and get 10% off!

#3 Small group lessons discount: Save up to 40% of a lesson cost for a group of 2-3 students. It means that our prices start at only £10 per student!


Happy customers

Indeed, we are rated Excellent on Trustpilot. Our score is 4.7/5. Here are some of our clients’ reviews.

Skype lessons

russian lessons skype‘I am learning Russian at the OK Language school. My teacher is Anastacia. I like learning with her very much. She is preparing for my special situation because I learned previously mostly by myself. She helps me to understand the language, because it is difficult for me, especially if somebody is talking quickly or using complicated sentences. I always look forward to my next lesson. It is interesting, varied and humorous.’

Uwe Liebe-Harkort (

online russian lessons‘I am really enjoying my Russian lessons with my teacher, Olga, who comes to each class (on Skype) exceptionally well prepared. I used to be a TEFL teacher, and she is far more prepared for her classes than I ever was. The pace is ideal, the vocabulary we learn is suitable for my level (beginner) and the grammar is explained with patience and understanding. I’d highly recommend my teacher to anyone learning Russian.’

Ronan O’Shea (

russian language student‘Yelena has been giving me lessons 2 hours per week for just 7 weeks and already I am able to hold conversations with my future parents-in-law!!! I am amazed at how fast her methods have got me to this stage and will continue to use her lessons until I am fluent! I couldn’t be happier with the service… really couldn’t!’

James Giddings (

russian online lessons‘My 12-year-old daughter has been studying Russian with Svetlana for the past 12 months. The learning programme is tailored to her requirements. Svetlana is flexible, professional, kind and patient. We are provided with all training materials which we use to practice between the lessons. We love the lessons and hope these will continue for a long time.’

Tatiana Last (

Benefits Of Skype Russian Lessons

#1 Learn from any place

This is the way to save time: take your phone, tablet or laptop and have your lesson from any place you currently are. Wherever you are in the world you can learn the language or practice your skills. Any device connected to the Internet can now help you erase borders. Simply use your computer, tablet or even smartphone with an app for video calls to learn Russian remotely. And our university-trained teacher will give you a helping hand.

#2 Learn at any time

It is a perfect way of study for working people, who cannot find time for individual or group lessons. Choose the time which suits you best. If you are an early bird, then we will find a tutor who is available in the mornings. Evening classes would be great for heavy sleepers or those working full-time. If you have just 30 min during your morning coffee or lunch break at work, use them to improve your language skills. «No time» doesn’t work as an excuse any more. In one word, your online tutor will get adjusted to your rhythm. Indeed, no local classes can offer you such advantages.

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#3 Any frequency

The students of online courses can choose the frequency of classes. Actually, you can do as many lessons as you find it useful. However, it would be strongly recommended that you have at least 2 sessions per week with homework in between.
So, don’t spend time on doubts anymore – start improving your language competence today. Because now you have a splendid opportunity to break through the language barrier with the help of an expert teacher.

what to do at home alonePut in the effort so you can grow! From a self-development and career perspective, you can make a change. Learning Russian via Skype will help you improve significantly and gain confidence.

How To Start Learning Russian Online With Us:

Book a free 30-minute trial lesson

Have your trial at any time and place

Book a package of lessons

Continue your lessons with your tutor

Choose another teacher at any time

Russian lessons online are very similar to individual lessons: the teacher introduces material, gives explanations and sets assignments. The student, in his turn, listens to the tutor and does the tasks. During the Skype sessions, the main focus is on conversational language.

The ‘screen sharing’ function on Skype allows the teacher to demonstrate all necessary visual materials, which helps to involve more senses of perception in language learning.

Our online Russian tutors also use Skype chat like a whiteboard to facilitate writing, spelling, and grammatical points. It is also used to set and mark assignments. During online lessons, the chat is used as a ‘prompter’, which allows the teacher to correct mistakes immediately without interrupting the student.

By using technology to the full, our online Russian teachers offer Skype lessons that can be even more effective than classroom lessons, and allow the student to practice all skills — but much more conveniently!

Use the opportunity to learn Russian via Skype with experienced online Russian teachers and native speakers!

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