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Looking for the best online Russian teachers? All our native Russian tutors are university-trained and experienced. Moreover, they provide the highest quality personalised online language lessons for the best price. Wondering why our rates are the best?
Because our price per hour includes:
❤ individual study programme based on your level and goals
✉ all learning materials
✔ printable worksheets
✎ homework checking.
The 30-minute trial lesson is free of charge.

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Profiles of our Online Russian Teachers

online russian teachers Nataliia

Russian Language, English Language. Teaching experience: 11 years
‘I am happy to know that I can help people from different countries to solve their linguistic problems. An experienced and very friendly teacher, I now offer Russian lessons via Skype. Wherever you are in the world you can learn! I can test your level and suggest a plan of study. So, the programme is individually tailored to suit your needs. I send printable learning materials by email before the session (for free!), so, you can have them at your eyes. You can read and listen, speak and text in a Skype messenger during the lesson. Take pictures of your written homework and email them to me — I’ll check the assignments for free. Start learning today!’

Russian skype tutor Nastya

Russian Language, English Language. Teaching experience: 10 years
‘I am a university-educated language teacher and interpreter. I’ve been tutoring Russian for 8 years. I am a friendly tutor and enjoy giving lessons via Skype. I also provide a wide range of free learning materials. Whatever your goals are I can help you accomplish them. I feel great responsibility for each student’s results and I hope you too will be as successful as my other students!’

Russian teacher by skype Olena

Russian Language, Ukrainian Language. Teaching experience: 8 years
‘Привет! I’m a native-skeaking teacher with PhD in Linguistics. My major is Russian studies and new interactive language training approaches. I’ve been working as an Associate Professor at the University for 7 years teaching Russian as a foreign language. I began tutoring online in 2014. Would be happy to help you improve your language skills! The thing I most admire in tutoring is sharing my knowledge and skills with others. I would love to help you discover a wonderful world of my native language!’

Russian tutor by Skype Catherine Catherine

Russian Language, English Language. Teaching experience: 6 years
‘I’m Catherine, a linguist and a teacher with an MA degree. I’m a native Russian speaker with a good grounding in language teaching. Now I teach Russian as a foreign language online. More than five years of teaching practice have taught me to adapt to each pupil’s individual needs. I have successfully helped students of many different ages and levels. Also, I prepared them for international exams. I use a range of different methods and help learners be positive and motivated. My ambition is for every Skype lesson to bring students closer to their goals!’

online russian teachersVita

Russian Language.  Teaching experience: 5 years
‘I am a linguist and a teacher with an MA degree. Russian is my mother tongue and I’ve been teaching it online for the last 3 years. I am eager to help my students achieve their language goals. I believe that a teacher’s job is really rewarding. It’s such a great pleasure to watch my students making progress. I apply a communicative approach because I believe that it will enable my students to use and practice the language from the very first lesson.’

russian lessons skypeAnastasiia

German Language, English Language.  Teaching experience: 10 years
‘I received my MA degree in Russian Language and Literature in 2011. I have been teaching it for foreigners since then. My chief principle is to use a personal approach to each student. The teaching materials are prepared and designed in accordance with the student’s needs and level. In addition, I use a variety of effective teaching methods which will bring you to a desired level.
Join my online classes and you’ll see that learning languages is a very fascinating process! I always try to make my lessons enjoyable. During the lessons I encourage my students to practice all four skills—speaking, understanding, reading, and writing. I use modern learning materials issued by leading publishers. Welcome to the exciting world of languages!’

Put in the effort so you can grow! From a self-development and career perspective, you can make a change. Learning Russian via Skype will help you improve significantly and gain confidence!
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So, take cost-effective and efficient lessons with one of our online Russian teachers! Learn the language with an expert teacher at the time and place that suit you. In a word, improve significantly with a professional’s help. In addition to that, save your time and money!

Benefits of Skype Lessons With Russian Tutors

Are you still in doubt if it’s a good idea to learn Russian via Skype? Just consider 10 reasons why language learners choose lessons with online tutors.
online russian teachers
1) Time-saving

‘I would really like to start taking Russian lessons and Skype sessions would work perfectly as I don’t have a lot of spare time in the week to travel.’

Well, life rhythm is quite fast nowadays and permanent lack of time is becoming a great problem. But if you are still eager to learn a language, choose online lessons and save your time considerably! All you need is a device with access to the Internet and Skype installed. Don’t waste your time travelling to your tutor or local courses anymore!

2) Flexibility

‘Due to my work travel schedule, I would require someone who is somewhat flexible and can accommodate changes in timing for the lessons.’

If you are pretty flexible to squeeze in an hour into your working day at a time that works for both sides, the Skype tutor would be happy to adjust her schedule to yours. You can have your lesson after work or during your lunch break, late in the evening or early in the morning! Take classes during your vacation or business trips. No local classes can offer you such advantages.

3) Cost-effectiveness

‘Amazing service for little money.’

cost-effective lessons via skypeNo travel expenses. No need to buy books or CDs. All the necessary training materials are provided for free, printable handouts and audio files are sent by email. An online language tutor sets up homework and checks it for free. In addition, online lessons are much cheaper than face-to-face or even classroom ones. Moreover, the first trial lesson without any obligations is also free of charge. Finally, bulk discounts and instalment payments are available.

4) Convenient

‘I generally work in SW1 London in the week but this can vary and so an online tutor situation sounds ideal’.

Just imagine that you can have lessons at any place where you can have access to the Internet! Say, at the comfort of your home or office, at a coffee shop, library or any other public place.

5) Expert help

‘I have tried for a while to learn Russian on my own with free online courses, YouTube videos, library books, etc. However, I feel that while these methods are very helpful, I would greatly benefit from being able to actually talk to someone who can teach me directly in a one-to-one setting in order to practice more effectively and to be more successful in my hope to eventually become fluent.’

Our tutors are all university-trained and experienced online Russian teachers. It means that you use a professional who practices modern teaching methods. Thus, you are not alone in your way to your goals. So, learn the language via Skype with an expert teacher!

6) Personalised tutoring

‘I’m very keen to start Russian lessons and I find that I work best in a single-student environment rather than a classroom.’

No group classes, just a patient and friendly tutor in your pocket. Your teacher creates a study programme which suits your level, goals and learning style. Every lesson is tailor-made. As a result, you can be sure that all your needs and interests will be addressed.

7) Relaxed atmosphere

‘We have had some giggles in our lessons (mainly at my expense) which is always fun.’
‘Well, she not just a teacher anymore she is more like an amazing friend.’
‘I can’t believe the amount of progress I have made in only 3 months and I’m having fun at the same time.’

skype language lessonsThe way you can learn over Skype is just as good as having someone in your own home. But your guest won’t arrive! No need to think about treats for your teacher. Your dress code and a mess at your place don’t matter anymore. You don’t have to care about your perfume or smell your tutor’s one. Moreover, no chance of getting ill if your tutor is sneezing or coughing a little. Just enjoy your lessons lying on a sofa or sitting in a cosy armchair.

8) Efficiency

‘I am now 16 lessons or so in and feel I am making real progress. I was floundering with basic Russian grammar until my teacher pointed me in the right direction. Slowly but surely she has helped me improve greatly and my vocabulary and understanding have exploded.’

The tutor provides the student with quality intensive tuition. She uses up-to-date learning materials issued by leading publishers. The ‘Share screen’ tool allows to demonstrate all the necessary visual materials. Skype chat is used as a whiteboard. By using technology to the full, our online Russian teachers help you learn a language via Skype efficiently. In short, online lessons are even more effective than classroom lessons, and allow the student to practice both comprehension and production skills — but much more conveniently!

9) Regularity

‘I do know some basics of the language with quite a lot of practice from Duolingo and some self-study which I find really hard — motivation/time management and just about any other reason to put me off. I would like to set a target of some sort and would appreciate a tutor’s help on quite a regular basis so potentially 2-3 hours per week and a programme where I am forced to do a lot of independent studies i.e. homeworks to boost this up.’

Actually, your progress depends much on motivation, frequency of lessons and whether you do your homework or not. But normally complete beginners can hold a simple conversation on everyday topics after 15-20 Skype lessons (if they regularly learn something between the sessions, of course). For instance, Deutsche Welle suggests A1 level is reached with about 75 hours of German studies. According to Alliance Française, a learner needs about 80 cumulative hours of study to reach A1 level of French. So, a systematic approach to language learning can be easily achieved with the help of an experienced online tutor, who will provide intensive tuition and student language skills testing.

10) Native speaking teacher

‘A good resource to practise with native speakers.’

When you learn a new language taking private lessons with a native speaking tutor is always a good idea. But it is sometimes really hard to find a native teacher nearby. So, Skype offers a brilliant solution.

learning language via skypeToday online lessons via Skype and language learning do not contradict each other but are successfully being joined together into one process. Only after you start you will experience all the advantages which current language learners are already enjoying.

So, why not give it a go?

Learn the language via Skype with our expert online Russian teachers!

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